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Sterling Cinematics will tell your unique wedding day story through our personalized wedding videos. Our videography on the wedding day is cinematic and unobtrusive, while our editing is tight and thoughtful. This results in a wedding video that is engaging and emotional, every time you watch.

Have a look around and be sure to take a few moments to visit our Theater to experience the emotion and character our wedding videos have. And if the idea of having your own wedding film excites you, please contact us because we’d love to help create your future favorite movie!

Atlanta, GA is our home but we are happy serving all of Georgia, the Southeast and the world!

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Steve Schumacher, atlanta wedding videography

About Me…

My name is Steve Schumacher and I’m the primary wedding videographer and creative force behind Sterling Cinematics. I’m a sucker for a good love story and love hearing couple’s stories about how they met or got engaged. Knowing a little about the couple also helps me to learn about their personalities and as a result, helps me to create a memorable and cherished wedding film.

Ultimately, I’m not documenting the wedding day, but instead, I’m telling the story of the bride and groom. The story that their children don’t have to wonder about because they’ll get to actually see Mom and Dad dancing, laughing, and celebrating their first day as husband and wife. This is why I love being a wedding videographer. Knowing the wedding videos that I create will outlive me as they get handed down to children and grandchildren, is an amazing realization. I’m creating family heirlooms and I’m very proud of that.

A Few Of Our Awesome Couples…

Atlanta wedding films

“…It is such a special gift and we couldn’t be more thankful that it was YOU that was the one to make this piece of our day all the more precious!…”

Atlanta wedding videography

“…My wife was in tears, you made it feel like we just got married all over again. I cannot wait to watch it again…”

Atlanta wedding videos

“…I know our families and friends will absolutely love it. Can’t thank you enough. We are so very happy!…”