Ask Away...

How long are your feature films?
We offer two different length feature films; the Short Feature (10-12 minutes) and the Full Feature (18-25 minutes).  Both offerings come with full documentary edits as well. The documentary edits can range from 45-60 minutes long, depending on the length of the ceremony and reception toasts.

Why do I need a feature film of my wedding day?
A Sterling Cinematics feature film is a highly polished, cinematic wedding video. The editing is more thoughtful, the storytelling is better, and the feel is more dramatic.  As a result, your feature film is more compelling to watch than just having the documentary edit and will keep you entertained and moved without having to use the "fast forward" button on your remote.  Ultimately, a Sterling feature film is all about quality over quantity.  It's all about the "Wow Factor".

Why do I need a documentary edit of my wedding day?
On the wedding day, we shoot everything! While all the important moments of the day are included in your feature film, your wedding DVD will also have a documentary edit of both the complete wedding ceremony and all of the events of the reception. This way, you'll still get to relive your wedding day just as it happened.

What is your "Short & Sweet Peek" film?
It's (almost) instant gratification! This is a quick teaser film of your wedding day and is showcased online for you less than 48 hours after your wedding day! Typically only 45 to 60 seconds in length, it's the perfect "Fun Size" film to show off to those that were at your wedding and those who couldn't make it. And best of all, the Short & Sweet Peek comes with every Sterling Cinematics Wedding! Enjoy it online while you're still on your honeymoon!

Do you do destination weddings?
We love to travel and not just to island getaways.  Wherever your wedding is, we're happy to meet you there.  Destination rates start at $3800.

Can I see one of your feature films?
Absolutely!  We love showing off what we can do! Give us a call and let's talk! 404.220.9988 Or you can schedule a phone consultation for a time and date that works best for you.

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